SLIP welcomes discussion and protest against direct provision

National Demonstration: End Direct Provision

What? On Universal Children’s Day there will be a National Demonstration in Dublin City. Gathering at the Dáil at 1pm, asylum seekers, refugees and supporters will repeat the national call for an end to the system that has become known as Direct Provision. The pressure to end Direct Provision needs to be kept up; the Government needs to listen.

When? Thursday 20th November 2014 @ 1pm
Where? Gathering at the Dáil for 1pm, we will hear from people directly affected by this inhumane system. From there we will walk together to the Department of Justice.

*A return bus to Dublin will operate from each centre/ location. Places are limited.

Organised by the Irish Refugee Council in conjunction with asylum seekers, local support groups & organisations
Email: | Phone: 01 531 3248

Direct Provision is the system of accommodating and dispersing asylum seekers across Ireland.  Asylum seekers live in communal accommodation, where most families share one bedroom, single parents share with other single parents and their children, and individuals share rooms with strangers.

People in these centres receive three meals a day at set times in canteens, they are not afforded the right to cook for themselves or their families. They are not allowed to work, nor are they able to access social welfare.  Instead they get a weekly allowance of €19.10 per adult and €9.60 per child.

There are approximately 4,300 people living in Direct Provision accommodation, a third of which are children.  A majority have lived in Direct Provision for over three years and a significant number for more than seven.

The campaign to end this form of institutionalised living has been built with asylum seekers, refugees and supporters from across Ireland. The momentum for change has grown as a result of asylum seekers speaking out.

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