SLIP congratulates Br. Noel on the launch of his memoir ‘Oporto’

Launching his memoir: Oporto- War in West Africa by Noel Bradshaw cfc

The launch of Br. Noel Bradshaw’s book ‘Oporto’ was well attended by family friends and supporters of SLIP. The occasion was especially honoured by the presence of Ambassador Catherine Campbell and former Ambassador Sinead Walsh. The many guests were warmly welcomed by Br. Declan and then Br. Noel spoke of the challenge it was for him to put pen to paper and write the book. He expressed sincere appreciation of the support from all present, and especially to those who had supported him financially over the many years during the war and in post war years.

The book records many aspects of the war particularly focusing on the events in Makeni. It is inspiring to read how Br. Noel sought fearlessly, sometimes at a risk to himself and others, to support medical teams in providing assistance to friend and foe alike.

Despite the sad story of the tragedy of the most violent war, the book presents also the kindness, courage and love of many of the ordinary people of Sierra Leone.

The book is not available on Amazon but you can get a copy by emailing

Launch of ‘Oporto’

Left to right: Ambassador Catherine Campbell, Sr. Theresa McKeown, Noel Bradshaw cfc, Sr. Louis Marie O’Connor.



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