Report on current corona virus situation in SL

Corona virus situation in Sierra Leone

The coronavirus cases in Sierra Leone are slowly but constantly on the rise. The good news, however, is that there is a very good record of recovery. At the beginning of the week,  on Monday, August 31, we had a total of 2026 accumulative confirmed cases; the total number of active cases in treatment centres across the country is 362; whereas 1594 had already recovered and have been discharged from treatment centres. Sadly, 71 people died since the outbreak of the virus in Sierra Leone on March 31, 2020.
At the close of the week, we have the following statistics:
Accumulative confirmed cases – 2054
Active cases – 377
Recoveries – 1606
Death – 071
Therefore, there had been 28 new cases, 12 recoveries and 1 death between Monday (August 31, 2020) and today (September 6, 2020).
Compiled by Rita Foday, SL

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