Priorities for Action in Sierra Leone

As required by the US development agency Millennium Challenge Corporation, SL must conduct an analysis of the principal constraints to economic growth and poverty reduction which must include consulting with the people to identify priority areas. In your opinion which areas are the main priority areas you think our government should focus on to address our economic challenges if these funds are given to SL by the US government. We know everything in SL today needs immediate attention but it is also true that we may not be able to address everything immediately. However, some areas can be catalyst to addressing other problems. Please vote for the most seven priority areas.

What do you think are the most pressing areas is it Energy, or Healthcare, Education, Diaspora Voting, drinking water, or more lets tell them what we think. No name or personal information required. This information would be useful for the MCC Unit team coming from Sierra Leone. Please go to this link below and click on MCCSL PRIORITY SURVEY to select the most pressing areas that needs immediate attention in your opinion:


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