HSE guidance on Ebola

“The HSE is now amending its guidance on Ebola in the light of a decision at EU level to allow for those who have a high risk exposure to Ebola to be considered for medical evacuation.  In addition, an experimental drug, Favipirivir, is now being provided as a prophylaxis for those who have a high risk exposure to Ebola.  Where a person has such an exposure at country level, WHO will assess the situation and a decision will then be made on whether or not a medevac is appropriate.  In the event that a medevac of an Irish person who has been exposed takes place to Ireland, the person will be treated at the Mater Hospital with this drug which will be provided to the Irish authorities by the Royal Free Hospital in London.”

I would also like to remind organisations with personnel in the Ebola affected countries to continue to send in the register forms PRE departure, and to keep us informed of changes to travel plans.  This is of great help to us in contacting personnel promptly on their return.

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