Global Schoolroom conducting in-service training for teachers in SL

Global Schoolroom conducting in-service training for teachers in SL

Garret Campbell and Grainne Horan- GLOBAL SCHOOLROOM

Garret Campbell CEO of Global Schoolroom and Grainne Horan Programme Manager- Sierra Leone reported to a SLIP meeting on the   preparation for the implementation of the pilot following their successful ten day fact finding visit in January 2017.  They found SL an attractive place to work and that the teachers they met had an appetite to build their own capacity.

The 3 year Pilot Project will be implemented in three schools in Kono, and three in Makeni. The project has also sourced 6 teacher volunteers 2 to go to Kono and 4 to Makeni for July and August 2017 to initiate the training. 130 teachers are expected to benefit from the initial upskilling in-service training to improve content knowledge and teaching styles. Follow-up visits will be made by the programme Manager four times in the year. This pilot project will be run in collaboration with the Teaching Service Commission and the Ministry of Education and accredited by UCD.

You can hear further details from Garret Campbell at the Independence day celebration in Wynn’s Hotel on Friday 28th April at 7.30. 

Please contact,  or phone Jim at 087 9676728.


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