celebration of 150 years of Spiritans in Sierra Leone 1864-2014

Sierra Leone News:Holy Ghost Fathers observed 150

In appreciation of their tireless intervention in spreading Christianity, the development of education among other developmental structures in Sierra Leone, Catholics members in the Freetown Diocese have launched the 150th Anniversary of Spiritan presence in Sierra Leone from 1864 to 2014.
The launching of the 150th Anniversary of Holy Fathers (Spiritans) presence in Sierra Leone was graced by senior and junior Catholics in the Western Area, including heads of parishes, black bishops, non-Catholics and other religious leaders and important stakeholders at their St. Anthony hall Brookfield’s on Saturday 2nd March 2014.
The toast-master of the colorful grand dinner where the 150th Anniversary of Holy Fathers was launched, Engineer Andrew Karmoi Keili expressed his gratitude to the Spirans for what he described as ‘Selfless’ endeavor in bringing not only catholicism in Sierra Leone but also for their belief in education and other development undertaken by them. He called on Catholics across the country to use the launching ceremony as a moment to pay back to society, what they had achieved, so that they can help others.
The Secretary-General of Old Edwardians, James P. A. Kamara while proposing a toast to the health of all Civil Leaders in Sierra Leone, described the gathering as a living testimony of the good work of the Holy Ghost Fathers whom according to him were busy working in conformity with their watchful caring job and services. He prayed for all Civil Leaders that have diligently served Sierra Leone in the interest of development and asked for God’s continual guidance, so that they will continue to serve as aspirators to others.
Honorable Bernadette Lahai of the Minority SLPP party in her response to the toast recalled the unity and strength that exists among them as Catholics across the country, which she associated to their joint Catholic schools sports, quiz and debates, masses and other educational and religious activities by the Spiritans.
She said the good examples and teaching they had learnt from the Holy Ghost fathers had helped them to be very modest in society, truthful, faithful to their jobs and mission are some of the greatest legacy they had as Catholics in the country.
The Honorable highlighted that they the Spiritans during their stay in the country, taught them values, morals, virtue of obedience and respect for one and other, which she said has brought some of them to where they are presently in society, that even in the midst of storm, they are strong.
Former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Solomon Ekuma Berewa in his toast to the health of the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church, thanked the Holy Fathers for their intervention in bringing social and educational development to the country, which he said had seen a lot of Sierra Leoneans being empowered. He highlighted the likes of St. Edwards Secondary school, Christ the King College, St. Josephs, St. Peter Claver Parish among others, came as a result of the Spiritans.
Solomon Ekuma Berewa said most Sierra Leoneans will not have gone to school if not for the timely intervention of the Holy Ghost Fathers who were more focused in developing Catholic religion and education for Catholic and non-catholic children.
He recalled that the first six Catholic Holy Fathers who came into the country, later died which would have ended Catholic teaching in this part of the World but because they believed in what they were doing, they stood tall to preach Christianity and Catholic teaching.
Contributions were also
made by the Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Freetown, Father Joseph Kamara, Father Augustine Berewa, Chief Superintendent Superior of Spiritans in Sierra Leone and Liberia, James Sampha Koroma CEO Union Trust Bank, Dr. Christiana Thorpe of NEC among others.
By Mohamed Kabba
Wednesday March 04, 2014

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