Recommended Reading

For those interested in learning more about Sierra Leone, SLIP highly recommends the following titles

Reviews – Comments and observations

“This book recounts amazing stories of mutual transformation and suspended belief, for why shouldn’t a hen sitting on a sick woman’s head heal her? It documents lives of life-sapping service, belief,  hope, delight and resilience; of walking beside people through every phase of their lives. Open these pages and read! Sit under the tree and read!” (Breeda Coyle 2022)

“For anyone wanting to set up a cross-cultural partnership based on respect and valuing the dignity of each party ‘Leaves from the Cotton Tree’ is an invaluable read based on 30 years of a partnership between Sierra Leone and Ireland. The book documents very well the journey of this partnership, the ups and the downs and the lessons learned on the way. The book also documents stories of Sierra Leonians in Ireland and Irish in Sierra Leona, which makes for interesting reading. An enjoyable read” (Eamonn Brehony 2022). Eamonn is a development specialist working with Medical Missionaries of Mary and lives in Arusha, Tanzania.

The changing days and ways of an African country as seen by Irish volunteers – The Irish Catholic (Costello 2022).