Books by Sr. Hilary Lyons

Old Watering Holes

“Where Memories Gather- Chuckles & Wisdom”, and Old Watering HolesOld Watering Holestwo books by Sr. Hilary Lyons

Sr. Hilary Lyons, a native of Louisburgh, entered the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, Killeshandra in 1943 and having trained as a doctor, spent most of her life in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Though now retired in Ireland, she still works for Sierra Leone, a country she strongly believes in despite its recent turbulent history.

Her two books Where Memories Gather and Old Watering Holes contain a miscellany of stories and memories of her life in Mayo and in Africa. Her philosophy is that “stories untold deprive the world of much of what it stands in need”.

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