SLIP Takes steps to assist Credit Union

In an earlier post we reported that some members of the SLIP committee had committed themselves to join the Credit Union Challenge organised by the International Development Foundation with the aim of raising funds. The following is a letter from the CEO of the credit union Foundation received by SLIP thanking the three SLIP members, Geraldine Horgan, Joe Manning and Sean Farren for their participation.

Re: Thank You for Speping Up for Sierra Leone.

Dear Ger,

On behalf of the Board and Staffin the Foundation, We want to thank Sierra Leone Ireland Partnership for entering a team and participating in the first-ever CU Challenge. The aim of the CU Challenge was to raise awareness and funds to enable us to continue to support the development of the Credit Union movement in Sierra leone

We set out to walk ’10 million steps in 10 days’, and we were amazed at how many steps were taken! Together we walked over 36 million steps – the equivalent of 27,000 Km – thank you. Thank you for fundraising and raising 250 euro.

This was the first fund raising iniative undertaken by the Foundation, in conjunction with  the Irish League of Credit Unions. Our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan identified that we needed to diversify our income and build upon our core base and allow public donations via online platform- which will also raise awareness of our work. The total amount raises by the CU Challenge was 31,822.91 euro. All monies raised from registration fees and donations will all go towards the continued development of credit unions in Sierra Leone. The Foundation supports the education and training of credit union staff and volunteers to ensure efficient operations and good governance, which in turn empowers members and ensures more people are financially included.

We really appreciate your support for the CU Challenge.

Kind regards

Alan Moore (CEO)

Tragedy in Freetown

At least 98 people have been killed and many more injured after an oil tanker and a truck collided at a fuel station in Freetown on 6th November. People had crowded around the crash site to collect leaking fuel. Without warning the wreck burst into flames which engulfed many of the victims. Cars, nearby shops and traders stalls were also destroyed in the blaze. Firefighters arrived but there was nothing they could do but contain the fire.

The full death toll will not be known for a while but SLIP sends it’s profound sympathies to the families of those who have lost loved ones in the incident.

Irish Ambassador Visit to Makeni.

The recently appointed Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Claire Buckley, paid a visit to St.Joseph’s School for the hearing impaired in Makeni. The Ambassador received a very warm welcome from Sr. Amala, her colleagues and the wonderful students from the school. The school was founded and is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny and the Ambassador herself, is a past pupil of the Cluny school in Killiney, County Dublin

SLIP Committee members Step Up to the Mark

Thanks to SLIP Committee Members, Geraldine Horgan, Joe Manning and Sean Farren for participating in this fund raising event.

From the 11th to 20th October, 2021 we challenged staff and volunteers from the Irish Credit Union movement to join together to ‘virtually’ walk/ run from the League’s office on Mount Street, Dublin to the Foundation’s field office on Fort Street, Sierra Leone.  

This was our first-ever fundraising event, a joint initiative with the League, to raise awareness and funds for the continued development of the credit union movement in Sierra Leone. We were delighted with the response and thank you to everyone who got involved – 463 people registered for the Challenge and we had 53 teams participating from credit unions and the League. It was great to see credit union staff and volunteers from across the island of Ireland get out and get their steps up over the 10 days, and people really did Step Up to the Challenge. 

The goal of the event was to walk 10 million steps – this was achieved within five days – a testament of how credit unions always go above and beyond. In total we walked over 36 million steps, which equates to over 27,000km. We walked enough steps to go to Fort Street in Sierra Leone, back to Mount Street in Dublin and then back to Sierra Leone again! Next year we’ll have to set a bigger challenge.

Thank you to everyone who also fundraised, between registration fees and donations we have raised over €28,000 so far – donations will close on 11th November: This money will support our continued efforts to support the development of the credit union movement in Sierra Leone including training staff and volunteers to provide much-needed access to affordable and ethical savings and loans and empower members to be financially included.A huge thank you to you for getting involved, whether you walked 100 steps or 1 million steps, we were delighted that you stepped up for Sierra Leone!  Thank You,

Irish Times Article by Sierra Leone Scholarship Student studying in UCD

Aminata Seilloh Conteh, who is currently studying in UCD, under the Irish Aid Scholarship scheme was interviewed for the “New To The Parish” series and published in the Irish Times on 8th September 2021. Click on the following link to read the article.