A message from Sr. Mary Sweeney in Freetown

Dear Friends

Sister Mary wanted to let you know that she and the 18 other  Sisters who are at a Cluny Conference in Freetown are ok. They are in Leicester Convent, higher up in the hills above where the tragedies happened,  just 10 minutes drive away. She said she never saw such rain in her 45 years in Sierra Leone. The sirens of the ambulances reminded her of Ebola.

The Sisters visited the site yesterday and found it heart-breaking to hear the terrible stories of the survivors. One woman lost her husband and three children. 40 people in a Baptist Church,  who were there for an all-night  vigil were lost. There are horrific injuries and loss of limbs, due to homes crashing down. The burials are ongoing.  It is the poor people who will suffer most as usual–sadly. Sister Mary said that the other side of the mountain has cracks in it now and the fear is another mud slide could happen there.

Thank you for all you do for Sister Mary and St Joseph’s.

Linda Freestone


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