Sierra leone standard chartered Bank gets new Chairman

Sierra Leone News: Standard Chartered Bank gets new Chairman

Shareholders of the Standard Chartered Bank yesterday unanimously approved Harold M’cleod as its new Board Chairman at the 43rd Annual General Meeting held at the Atlantic Hall of the National Stadium.
He replaces Dr. Claudius Bart-Williams, who stepped down in accordance with Government’s regulation, after a distinguished six-year spell on the board.
Bidding farewell to shareholders, he said, “It’s really a privilege to have served in the best bank in the country, and my sincere thanks to the shareholders for their support over the past six years.”
Previous to his appointment, Harold M’cloud, has been an advisor to the Government of Sierra Leone from 2005 -2013, and during this period, he was in the forefront of major policy reforms in the mining sector.
It is on record that he also introduced results based management and the related performance contracts into the public service.
He had a distinguished career spanning 35 years of development work for the United Nations Development Programme, particularly to fragile countries.
He was resident co-ordinator in Cameroon, Eritrea and the DRC, as well as Director, Operations Policy and Programmes Division at headquarters. Post-UNDP, he was involved in the peer review team that collaborated with Prof Ruggie in the production of the UN Guidelines for Business and Human Rights.
As leader of the government’s negotiation team that he helped to set up, he has renegotiated a number of mining contracts.
He later helped to set up the negotiation team for another African country and conducted seminars to others on the challenges of managing extractive industries.
Harold M’cleod is currently a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council on Fragile States, a board member  of SHIFT- a non-profit organization supporting corporations and governments to implement the UN Guiding principles.
Chairman M’cleod has co-authored publications on natural resources management and on understanding minerals and oil contracts.
Wednesday June 11, 2014

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