Sierra Leone fish export to EU must meet required standard

Sierra Leone urged by EU to enact Fishing Bill

Article based on one by Sidique Fofanah (Intern)
Wednesday December 07, 2016

Sierra Leone News: EU Representative calls for Fishing Bill to be enacted:

Sierra Leone must look into the draft fishing bill and enact them into laws,” Thiery Cozier Head of Cooperation of the European Union said during a consultative meeting held by the EU together with PRECON food management consultancy firm.
The representative emphasised that quality products of fish will help to improve exportation and bolster the country’s economy and that there must be regulations to protect the products. He said that despite existing laws, corruption and bribery had rendered them inactive. He emphasised the importance of safe and sustainable fish packaging which should not lead to pollution. He warned that most of the waste goes to the sea that can compromise the quality of fish.
He urged the country to tackle the issue of illegal fish activities which would help protect  protect the resources. He said illegal fish is costing the country heavily in reaching its International standards. He highlighted that if we do not achieve required international standards it would be a big loss for the country. The EU representative said if the country must invests in fisheries it must also follow the rules to get quality fish. He admonished that there is no formal request to the EU at the moment to get the certificate is Sierra Leone is seeking.
Meanwhile, the CEO of the PRECON Food management consultancy, Yan Moggre said it was left with the government of Sierra Leone to validate the certificate. He said the certification would impact the economic development in the country. He said if the country’s products reached the EU markets it would be a big boost in the fishing sector. He said the certificate would be useful to the EU and other markets in the world saying that EU standards are regarded as one of highest. He concluded that the legal standards must be set to provide laws that would protect fishing activities in the country.

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