Annual SLIP celebration of Independence Day -friday 28th april

Sierra Leone @56

“That blessing and peace may descend on us all, so we may serve thee ever alone, land that we love, our Sierra Leone “

You are invited to The Annual SLIP Sierra Leone Independence day Celebration  at

Wynn’s Hotel Lower Abbey Street Dublin 1

On Friday April 28th 2017 from 7.00 ’til late.

7.30: Guest speaker : Garret Campbell of Global Schoolroom will give a

talk on his organisation and the teacher in-service programme due to commence in Sierra Leone led by Gráinne Horan


This will be followed by chat finger food, and music.

All Sierra Leoneans and Irish who hold SL dear to their heart are welcome.

Please RSVP by 20th April to Martin: 087 996 7990 or

Jim  087 967 6728


SLIP AGM: 6.00 all most welcome to attend.


Recent report on discrimination against pregnant girls in SL

Recent report on discrimination against pregnant girls in SL

The discriminatory law introduced in April 2015 banning young pregnant girls from school has not yet been lifted.

Check out the full report below: – Young and pregnant in Sierra Leone (Photos by Olivia Acland –

As an interim measure a bridging education programme was established to assist the young pregnant girls with support from Irish Aid, UK Aid, UNICEF, UNFPA .

Disturbing news from BO this evening

Report from Bo this evening-  23rd March 2017:

Reports from the southern district of Bo say that the town is today under siege.

Students from Njala University have taken to the streets in sympathy protest, after lecturers are denied payment of their salaries for several months by the government.

Eyewitnesses say that movement of people as well as normal business life have been disrupted in the city.

Students are demanding the reopening of classes, and have put up road blocks with burning tyres.

Students say that they are very angry to see that the president and his ruling APC can use tax payers and donor funds to finance the party’s youth wing convention in Makeni – running into Billions of Leones, but cannot find money to pay the salaries of poor, hard working lecturers.

A concerned citizen said today: “The silent torture of a helpless nation is now exploding into direct mindless killings of the oppressed.

“This is an unacceptable development that should have inevitable consequences for the culprits, be they high or low.

“Those who fire bullets to kill harmless civilians are as culpable as those who order the killings – sitting behind high walls. In the end they will all have to face up to the consequences of their desperation to maintain a system that feeds on innocent blood.”


Notice of the death in November 2016 of Reverend Leslie Wallace
Reverend Wallace was a dear friend of Sierra Leone. He attended  a number of Independence Day celebrations organised by SLIP, and on  one occasion was the guest speaker.

May He Rest in Peace.

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